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When I Grow Up
I'll Be a Seducer

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. When I Grow Up I'll Be a Seducer, the latest title from Alexis Eyondi is something of a departure from his previous work.

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“Listen, I want to be an adult tomorrow morning. Otherwise, at DeGrando’s rate, there won’t be a single woman left for me when I grow up.”

At the age of five, Aphroz developed a fascination with women. Under the mentorship of his young uncle who idolized female conquest, the African boy embarked on a journey to master not only the art of seduction but also the intricacies of human interaction.


The pursuit of this goal shaped his growth. His understanding of attractiveness expanded, particularly during his time at Cambridge University in England, where he immersed himself in academia while engaging in simultaneous romances with girls hailing mostly from Australia, North America, Asia, and Europe.

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Five decades later, in 2016, a janitor at a high school in New Hampshire stumbled upon a student project that led him to uncover Aphroz's life story. Through a collection of anecdotes and firsthand memories, he unravels the tale of this distinguished Black man, including his love affairs intertwined with a diverse cast of characters.


In Aphroz's narrative, the exploration of mastering attraction leads to encounters with sensuality and intimacy, depicting courtship as an exhilarating art form. But can an artist, even a talented one, achieve perfection without causing harm?

Alexis Eyondi is an American author of Cameroonian heritage, born in Paris. His writing style, in both French and English, elevates mundane details to pivotal ones, beautifully reflecting his unique hybrid identity. Currently, he lives in New Jersey, USA.

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